The 600 Club – Saints Golf Donor Fund

Join our community of supporters from around the globe to help us develop a world-renowned golf programme at Scotland’s first university.

Our vision

With access to world-leading teaching and a comprehensive professionally run high performance golf programme, there is nowhere more special than St Andrews – the Home of Golf – at which to be a student golfer.

Our aim is to attract the brightest and best students to St Andrews, where they can pursue their golfing ambitions to the highest level whilst studying for a degree at one of the finest academic institutions in the world.

The 600 Club

The 600 Club was formed in 2013 during the University’s 600-year anniversary celebrations to support the growth and development of the Saints Golf Programme.

Our supporters club offers a way for former players, friends, and family to stay connected and help sustain the long and distinguished history of golf at the University.

To achieve our goals, we are helped enormously by the donations and external support from our 600 Club members. Any financial support is channelled straight back into helping the players via scholarships, coaching, tournament assistance, travel or bespoke support.

Join The 600 Club today

If you are interested in joining The 600 Club please contact our Director of Golf to find out more about how you can support us, the different giving levels and the process for making a donation.

“I am proud to support the golf program at the University of St Andrews. The Home of Golf is an iconic place where the history, values and the tradition of the game are intertwined with the culture of the town and the people who reside there.”

Tom Ross
– Managing Director of Raymond James & Associates, 600 Club Member


How you can help

Help us to develop a world-renowned golf programme at the University of St Andrews by becoming a member of The 600 Club. As a member, you can support our club by:

  • Volunteering your time, expertise, or experience.
  • Providing mentoring or work shadowing opportunities for our players.
  • Helping to recruit the very best players through the golf network.
  • Hosting Saints Golf scholars during trips
  • Providing valuable funding, opportunities to support monetarily include:

Programme sponsorship £5,000-£15,000
1 x Postgraduate Scholarship £5,000 – £15,000i
Arnold Palmer Scholarship £2,000 – £5000 per academic year
High performance athlete awards £1,000 – £5,000ii
Saints Golf Donor Fund

i Dependant on fee status and sporting impact. Further details here.
ii Tiered level of support, tailored to the athlete. Further details here.

“To play for the University of St Andrews Golf Team made that experience even more important to me – the combination of the traditions, the people I’ve met through the matches and the wider network, the extraordinary places we played, and the consistently brilliant competition, are highlights of my life.”

Storm Boswick
– MA Honours, 1991


Support Saints Golf

As a performance sport programme we have lofty ambitions both on and off the golf course, these range from being successful in tournament play to providing a world class experience for our players. To achieve these goals, we are helped enormously by the donations and external support from our 600 Club members.